Maintaining and Retaining Customer Attention

There is nothing a customer likes more than an attentive brand. Customers love feeling like they are being heard and appreciated by the businesses they are choosing to support with their hard-earned money. That is why Netflix users almost exclusively watch their recommended movies first, why Spotify users proudly post their Spotify Wrapped results every year, and why easyJet flyers are so eager to book their next flight right after they receive a personalized ad. These brands have all figured out that the best way to keep their customers actively purchasing their products is a twofold tactic: maintaining brand consistency and creating a hyper-personalized shopping experience. 

Maintaining brand consistency is extremely important because that is how a consumer knows who they are purchasing from. A brand is the public reputation of a company, including its message, values, mission statement, and even customer experience. Keeping a similar voice across all business channels is the key to keeping consistency. Hyper-personalization involves the use of AI to scour a consumer’s browsing and purchasing history to deliver a personalized advertisement or product recommendation based on this data. It is a successful way to keep a customer engaged and boosts the chances of a sale by 80%. 

How Strong Brand Consistency Drives Brand Success
Source: BrandGuard