tax deadlines

Keeping Your Business Organized During Tax Season

Did you know that tax deadlines are year round depending on your business? If you are a business owner, you understand how stressful it can be to stay on top of tax filing. To reduce this stress, it is important to stay organized and up to date on all your important tax dates. 


When many people think about tax season, they think about the time before Tax Day on April 18 when most people’s taxes need to be filed. However, for many businesses tax documents need to continue to be filed well after the April deadline. For example, the end of May marks the deadline for companies with 10% or more greater foreign ownership to submit their BE-12 forms. September marks the deadline for 6/30 year-end businesses to file their taxes, and these deadlines continue all the way into December.


With so many deadlines to keep track of, a calendar of all important dates is a great way to keep your business organized. With all tax deadline dates laid out, there is less chance of missing an important date and having to pay the related fees and penalties. To find the tax season calendar that works best for you, take a look at the infographic below: