8 Woodworking Projects You Can Make At Home And Sell Online

With over 16000 woodworking plans to choose from, making and selling wooden items at home to sell online, has never been easier. So, if you love working with your hands and creating things from wood, why not set up a small woodworking shop in your home, shed or garage, get yourself a few basic tools, choose something to make (either with a pre-paid woodworking plan or by selecting popular items such as those listed below), and away you go!

To give you inspiration, here are 8 woodworking projects to make at home and sell online, and for which you can buy readymade kits:  

  • Egg storage

Wooden egg racks aren’t just useful, but they can be attractive, too. For this popular, smaller project, you’ll need soft wood, PVA glue, wood paint, stain, filler and varnish, along with sandpaper and nails. In terms of tools, you’ll require a table and holes saw, clamps, a sander and a nail gun.  

  • Key holder

Simple to create and incredibly useful around the home, customized keyholder kits are a great starter project for any novice woodworker. To create this you’ll need soft wood, carpenter’s glue, wood stain, paint, filler and varnish, sandpaper, finish nails and key hooks. A table saw, drill, clamps, sander and nail gun are all you’ll need to create this.

  • Tea light holders

With a log or piece of driftwood, you can create a unique candle holder with just some wood glue, stain and varnish, some sandpaper, finish nails and a tealight. Tools you’ll need include a table, hole and scroll saw, drill, sander, clamps and a nail gun.

  • Magazine box/rack

These add functional beauty to any home, and can be created using pieces of scrap wood. You’ll need sandpaper, wood varnish and screws, and a table saw, drill, clamps, a sander and a chisel.

  • Wine rack

Making the perfect gift, customized wine racks are usually top sellers online, and are relatively simple to make. Create yours from hard or scrap wood, and using wood stain, sandpaper, wood screws and varnish. In terms of tools, you’ll need a circular or table saw, a drill, clamps, a sander, a scroll or hole saw and a router. 

  • Cell phone holder/stand

This is a popular DIY woodworking project that is easy to add your own personal touch to, and which can easily be made using pieces of scrap wood. Why not also make a docking and charging station to sell alongside the stand?

Make the cell phone holder from hard wood, and secure it with wood glue, then stain, varnish and sand it down. To make it you’ll need a table saw, drill, clamps, a sander, jigsaw or scroll saw and a chisel. 

  • Wooden welcome mat

An environmentally friendly alternative to regular welcome mats, these are made from hard wood and aside from being hardwearing and practical, can alos add a touch of style to anyone’s entranceway. Create yours using woodworking for dummies master plans, and see how fast they sell online. Make welcome mats from hard wood, and using wood stain and paint, then finishing with sandpaper and rope. Tools required are a circular saw, drill clamps, a sander and a router. 

  • Wheeled toys

Fun and easy to make, this particular woodworking project is a great place to start your hobby or woodworking career, and the toys themselves always prove popular among parents. Make them from any kind of wood, adhere them with glue, sand them down and paint them in colors of your choice. The tools you’ll need to make wheeled wooden toys are a table, scroll, hoe or jigsaw, a sander, a router, a drill and drill bits and clamps. 

Woodworking from home can be profitable, provided you choose the right items to make and sell, and follow the instructions given in the step-by-step plans. To get started, order your woodworking plan today.