Royal York Property Management Launches Financial Aid Initiative

Toronto, Canada(Hexa PR Wire–May 25, 2023)-Nathan Levinson, founder of Royal York Property Management, has introduced a new financial assistance initiative aimed at helping property owners navigate economic uncertainty.

Royal York, with over 12 years of service to property owners and tenants, manages a portfolio of more than 13,000 properties. Its offices span across Ontario, Canada, and Europe, offering 24/7 operation across all departments.

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The initiative targets Toronto property owners, where monthly expenses for a one-bedroom condo are estimated at around $2,500, outpacing the average rental income of about $2,145. With this program, Royal York, starting from $39 a month, will cover the financial gap up to $500 as long as the property is under their management.

This program is part of Levinson’s broader strategy to stimulate the property investment market by ensuring financial stability for property owners. At the same time, Levinson advocates for policy modifications allowing landlords to adjust rents for properties built before 1991, aligning them with inflation and rising interest rates.

Though in its early stages, the initiative has already received positive feedback from clients. As a result, the team at Royal York expects a substantial increase in applications in the upcoming weeks.

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Nathan Levinson
Royal York Property Management
Phone: (416) 508 – 5288


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