Red roses

Choosing the Right Roses for Different Climates

Roses are classic, beautiful flowers that are grown all over the world. However, not all types of roses can thrive in every climate. If you want to have a successful rose garden, it’s important to choose the right type of roses for your specific climate. In this guide, we will discuss different types of climates and the best roses to grow in each one.

Types of Roses

Before diving into which roses are best suited for different climates, it’s important to understand the various types of roses available:

Hybrid Tea Roses: These are the most popular type of rose and are known for their large, elegant blooms.

Floribunda Roses: Also known as cluster-flowered roses, these produce clusters or groups of blooms on each stem.

Grandiflora Roses: A cross between hybrid tea and floribunda roses, these produce large blooms in clusters like floribundas.

Climbing Roses: As the name suggests, these roses are climbers and can cover a large area with their vines. They come in various types such as ramblers and pillar roses.

Shrub Roses: These are hardy and low-maintenance roses that come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Now that we have an understanding of the different types of roses, let’s see which ones thrive best in certain climates.

Roses for Warm Climates

Warm climates typically have long summers with high heat and humidity. For these conditions, it’s best to choose roses that are disease-resistant and can tolerate heat well. Some recommended varieties include:

Knock Out Roses: These hardy shrub roses are known for their continuous blooming and low maintenance.

Peggy Martin Roses: A climbing rose that is resistant to diseases and thrives in hot, humid climates.

Iceberg Roses: These floribunda roses produce clusters of white blooms and can handle heat well.

Roses for Cold Climates

Cold climates have harsh winters with freezing temperatures. For these conditions, it’s important to choose hardy roses that can withstand extreme cold. Some great options include:

Canadian Explorer Roses: Developed specifically for harsh Canadian winters, these shrub roses are extremely cold-tolerant.

Flower Carpet Roses: These low-growing shrub roses are hardy and can survive even in sub-zero temperatures.

David Austin English Roses: These hybrid tea and floribunda crosses have a high tolerance for cold weather.

Roses for Humid Climates

Humid climates have hot summers with high levels of moisture in the air. This can make roses prone to diseases like black spot and powdery mildew. To combat this, choose varieties that are resistant to these diseases and can handle high humidity. Some recommended options include:

Zephirine Drouhin Roses: A climbing rose with deep pink blooms that is also highly disease-resistant.

Carefree Beauty Rose: This shrub rose is known for its disease resistance and ability to thrive in humid conditions.

New Dawn Roses: Another climbing rose that can handle high humidity and produce beautiful pale pink blooms.

Roses for Dry Climates

Dry climates have hot summers with low levels of moisture in the air. In these conditions, it’s important to choose roses that are drought-tolerant and can also withstand high temperatures. Some suitable varieties include:

Rosa Rugosa: This shrub rose is highly adaptable and can thrive in both dry and coastal climates.

Sahara Rose: A hybrid tea rose with a strong root system that can tolerate heat and drought well.

Lady Elsie May Roses: These floribunda roses have good disease resistance and can handle both hot and dry conditions.


With these recommendations, you can now choose the right roses for your specific climate and create a beautiful, thriving rose garden. Remember to also consider other factors such as soil quality and sunlight when choosing roses. Happy gardening!