7 Free Tools for Your Online Business

Many small businesses are worried about the expense of bringing technology into their operation, especially those in conventional sectors. Although they know their position, they are worried about the necessary “investment.” However, any business can start down this route for little or no money. Simply searching terms like How to make a flyer in photoshop can help a small, developing business use various free tools to help it on its digital transformation path.

Here is a list of five tools that you can use for free in your small business. Many businesses have already proven how they may benefit from using both the free and commercial versions of these products.

1. Hubspot CRM

This is a clear option. No matter the size of the company, customer relationship management tools are necessary. Therefore, start with a cloud-based CRM application instead of an Excel spreadsheet if you’re still using one. Hubspot CRM is offered without cost. With it, you may manage all of your contacts, including leads and customers, using various options. You can handle up to 1 million contacts with it, and there is no time limit. 

The primary features are:

  • Lead nurturing pipelines, 
  • Richer contacts, 
  • Email tracking and notifications, 
  • Prospectus tracking,
  • Meetings, 
  • Live chat, and more.

 It is a complete CRM that both B2B and B2C companies may use.

2. GetResponse: The Best For Automated Lead Generation

Email marketing is a crucial component of every business, as is communicating with current clients and promoting your goods or services. With a GetResponse free account, you can accomplish this. You can also send unlimited emails monthly to a list of up to 500 email addresses. Furthermore, there are pre-made themes available that you can quickly personalize with your own photographs and text. To help you improve your email communication, the dashboard includes information on all email campaigns, including open/view/click rates.

3. Businessnamegenerator.com: For a Company Name

Are you having trouble creating a great name for your new company? Visit businessnamegenerator.com., type your keywords and industry, and you’ll receive a list of outstanding names. Just select one by scrolling through the list.

4. Looka.com: For Logos

Do you need a new logo but cannot pay for a designer or expensive tools? Looka.com can help.

With just your company’s information, it creates a unique logo that corresponds with your branding and vibe. How to make a flyer in photoshop.

5. Bizcardmaker: For Business Cards

This is an online business card creator.

Simply go to the website and choose from one of their templates. They are very very easy to modify with styles any way you like.

If you want to make Custom Cards, Logos, etc., you can also try Canva.

6. Systeme.io: For Your New Sales Funnel

Want to build a sales funnel, but all the tools are too pricey?  Visit thehustlernerd.com/systeme.io. With this platform, you may build free funnels. In addition, you can launch your web business with this tool. They have all the tools you need for the job.

7. Bookipi.com: For Collection

Having trouble collecting payments? Use the Bookipi app or the desktop version. With this app, you can collect payments quickly and easily. In addition, it will track which payments are due so you can stay on top of things all the time.


These 5 free tools can help your small or expanding organization begin its digital transformation journey. These technologies can enhance your communication, customer experience and interaction, marketing and promotion, and financial administration without any investment. This is because they are cloud-based, feature-rich, cutting-edge, and free. So, get on board! Take advantage of these business tools to grow and flourish in today’s economy.