7 easy ways of finding people on WeChat: exploring the network

WeChat is so popular in the world right now. It is on the same level as WhatsApp and other chatting apps. Although originally from China, this social media app is gaining popularity worldwide. You might face a slight obstacle; how to find someone on WeChat by name. Looking for pals to get out with since your daily routine is boring you? In this article, this should be the simplest method. WeChat will make that work easy for you if you reside in China. Searching for friends is simpler in the WeChat app.

How to find friends on WeChat

You can conduct a WeChat user search by WeChat ID, phone number, QR code, and others.

  1. WeChat ID: This is the most popular method for adding friends on WeChat. The easiest method, too. Sending your WeChat ID to the person you wish to be added by is all you need to accomplish so that they may look you up on WeChat and add you. However, most users are unaware of a WeChat ID or how to locate their own. Open WeChat and click “Me” (next to Discover) if you don’t know your WeChat ID. Your WeChat ID may be found below your WeChat name. WeChat ID is essentially just a random digital number, but you can modify it to something simpler to remember. Sharing your friend’s WeChat ID is all that is required. When you receive your WeChat ID, you must enter it in the search bar at the top of the screen. When you type WeChat ID into the search field, “Search WeChat ID” will appear. You can find new friends on WeChat if you click on it.
  2. Phone number: It’s simple to add someone on WeChat if you have their phone number. You should know that WeChat should be connected to this phone number. You cannot add friends if their account is not connected to their phone number. I believe you shouldn’t provide your phone number to someone you don’t know. So, before giving someone your phone number, be sure they can be trusted. You should never forget that.
  3. QR code: Any smartphone can quickly read a 2-dimensional QR Code. WeChat must be opened, then at the bottom of the screen, click “Me” (next to the Discover button). Your WeChat ID has a little QR code next to it. You will be sent to the Profile if you click on it. After that, you must select “My QR Code.” You may take a screenshot of the QR code and save it as an image if you wish to share it with others. Alternatively, you may select “Save to Phone” by clicking the three dots in the right corner of your phone screen. The next step is to share the QR code image with others.
  4. Friend Radar: The most effective approach to search for someone on WeChat while they are nearby is with Friend Radar. When you want to invite friends to a party, you don’t need to look for each person’s WeChat ID, phone number, or QR code individually. Adding friends who are nearby is possible using Friend Radar. It’s an excellent method to invite more people to the celebration.
  5. QQ number: One of China’s most widely used social media is QQ. WeChat and QQ are both owned by the Tencent Corporation. You might say that the two most popular social media for talking in China are WeChat and QQ. You can add friends by QQ number if you have someone else’s. To add someone, you must first look for their QQ number in the search field.
  6. Mobile contacts: Your contacts will need to be uploaded to WeChat. This implies that you may only add friends who have also uploaded to your mobile contacts. The steps are:
  • Launch WeChat.
  • Go to “Add Contacts” and click.
  •  Go to “Mobile Contact.”
  • Click “Upload Contacts.”

After uploading your mobile contacts, you can check which of your friends are already using WeChat and add them.

       7. People Nearby feature: The People Nearby function is one of the most popular ways to make friends on WeChat. It will display WeChat users nearby your current location. You can locate and add new WeChat pals using the “People Nearby” option on your “Discover” button page. Thanks to this method, you will be able to add friends who are nearby.

It’s very simple to find people on WeChat. You only need to know how to find friends on WeChat. Here, we’ve been able to draw attention to the WeChat search options for finding friends and other users. For optimal search results, these methods should be noted.