6 Differences Between Disposable Vapes And Vape Pods

Vaping is more than just a craze; for many, it has become a habit that they are happy to assume, and in a lot of cases, disposable vapes are being used to help people overcome their addiction to nicotine, which can only ever be a good thing. 

But, if you’re new to the world of vaping, and are considering giving it a go, you might be wondering whether you should choose disposables or vape pods? To help you make an informed decision, here are 6 of the key differences between the two:

  • How they perform and what maintenance is required

Disposables: simply draw on it, and you’re in action. When it runs out, you buy another one. Due to its limited capacity for holding e-liquid, they tend to display a lower power output, and a shorter life for the battery. Stealth vaping for those who wish to carry it out discreetly, is also possible thanks to the smaller cloud produced.

Pods: with higher power and a certain amount of set-up required, pods must be filled with e-juice and the battery charged. Pods can be refilled and the coils must be replaced from time to time. 

  • Cost

Disposables: with many disposable vapes, such as the Elf Bar ElfLiq Vape, available at very affordable rates (often less than a fiver), if you’re not a full-time or heavy vaper, these could prove the better option in terms of cost. 

Pods: refillable, pods may cost more upfront than disposables, but over a period of time, they might prove the more affordable option if you vape a lot.  

  • Flavours

Disposables: while you can still choose the flavour that you want, your options are limited according to the brand you buy.

Pods: because you can add your own e-liquid to refillable vape pods, you may find the flavours to be more varied. 

  • How much control you’re given over the strength of nicotine

Disposables: typically containing 20 mg (2%) or 10 mgs (1%) of nicotine, you may find these to be a good starting point if you’re trying to quit smoking using disposable vapes.  

Pods: choose the strength of nicotine you want from your refillable vape pod by choosing the e-liquids that match your needs, or create your own vape juice using shots of nicotine and shortfill e-liquids. 

  • How easy it is to try new brands

Disposables: once you’ve tried one brand, you can simply move on to the next without busting your budget.

Pods: thanks to your initial investment in the pod system, swapping brands and experimenting may not be so cost-effective.

  • Their impact on the environment

Disposables: while disposable vapes can be recycled at an e-recycling centre (after being appropriately dismantled), the fact that they’re not designed to be reused, automatically makes them less environmentally friendly than pods.

Pods: vape pods are easier to disassemble for recycling than disposables, and because they’re designed to be reused, are generally considered to be better for the environment than their disposable counterparts. 

If you still can’t make your mind up, why not begin with a disposable vape, since your initial investment will be less. Then, if you decide that you enjoy vaping and want to take it up on a more permanent basis, you can invest in a vape pod and experiment with a wider range of flavours.